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The Seven Thousand Series

 (fig. 1) #7001 “Seven Thousand”, Perch Scale.

This is one of the limited production series first offered in 1950. Appropriately, “The Seven Thousand” title for this design was cataloged as the #7000 series! This wood bait measures 2 ¾” long and weighs ¾ oz. The body is a mimic of the #300 series Crawdad first offered in 1917. However, the metal tail/lip on the Crawdad has a scalloped profile while the #7000 has a broad and slightly bent flat plane design. This tail/lip isn’t painted on the #7000s. The only other lure to use this lip is a non-catalog model known as the Deep Diving Baby Crawdad. The fishing line is tied to this appendage in order to retrieve the lure backwards, similar to a real crawdad retreating. No traditional glass, tack or painted eyes on the #7000s. Instead they all featured black glass bead eyes.

 (fig. 2) #7011 Special Black and White Lure.

Only the #01 Perch and the #18 Silver Flash patterns are shared by the #300 Crawdads, #400 Baby Crawdads and the #7000s. The #300 and #7000 bodies are the same so it’s possible to switch tails/lips on catalog colors not shared on both series and create a “Special.” The smaller #400 series Baby Crawdad is usually not the choice with the swapped #7000 tail/lip.

 (fig. 3) 1954 Discontinued Series Flier.

This series was only cataloged for four years (1950-1953). One variation of a 1954 CCBCo catalog often included a small one sheet flier that listed all of the series that had been discontinued that year. This raises the question - why not simply delete all these series before printing the catalog? Actually, many of the 1954 catalogs were leftover editions from 1953 with an added “1954” rubber stamped next to the old date. Therefore, the old listings of many lures were still shown. The company didn’t want anyone to order these obsolete series in 1954, hence the insert. After all this explanation, the #7000 series was one of the casualties on the sheet, which verifies 1953 as the end of this design.

Although there are only seven catalog colors within the #7000 design, the #13 Black, #31 Rainbow Fire and #32 Fire Plug are all difficult to obtain, especially the Gantron #31 and #32 finishes. It’s common knowledge they are fragile paints. Even unused baits often display a “spidering” crackling to the lure’s surfaces. Every color in this series was  cataloged for all four years.


#7000 THE SEVEN THOUSAND 1950-1953
Catalog # Color Years Produced
00 Pikie 1950-1953
01 Perch 1950-1953
02 Red Head & White 1950-1953
13 Black 1950-1953
18 Silver Flash 1950-1953
31 Rainbow Fire 1950-1953
32 Fire Plug 1950-1953


The complex #7100 Snook Plunker series will be covered in the next installment of the
Creek Chub Bait Co. Virtual Lure Show.