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Western Auto
CCBCo / Shur-Strike
Lure Color Codes

* “These references were gleaned from “Western Auto Numbers in 1941”, a chart on page #299 of Dr. Harold Smith’s excellent book entitled “Collector’s Encyclopedia of Creek Chub Lures and Collectibles. Identifications and Values: Second Edition”.
** Baits or colors marked with a question mark are the “most likely candidates” based on experience and “field finds” of boxed S-S lures that are believed to be original to the box. Much of the details regarding Shur-Strike baits were derived from Rick Osterholt’s book, “Shur-Strike Minnows: The History, Models & Colors of Creek Chub’s Shur-Strike Lures” 

Code Lure Color CCBCo/SS# Maker/Notes
V-317  Darter  Frog  #2019 *CCBCo . Also, see V-360
V-319 Mouse Tiger Stripe #6580 CCBCo
V-320 River Master Red/White RM#2 Shur-Strike River Runt
V-321 River Master Red Dace RM#5 Shur-Strike River Runt 
V-323 Jnt. Diving Wobbler  Goldfish JRM#42 Shur-Strike Jnt. River Master (Runt) 
V-324 Jnt. Diving Wobbler Pike Scale  JRM#0 Shur-Strike Jnt. River Master (Runt)
V-325 Jnt. Diving Wobbler Red/White  JRM#2 Shur-Strike Jnt. River Master (Runt)
V-329 River Master Goldfish RM#42  Shur-Strike Runt
V-330 River Master  Perch  RM#1YP?  **Shur-Strike Runt. Likely a 1YP 
V-331 Baby Pikie Pike Scale BP#0 Shur-Strike
V-332  Pikie Pikie Scale #700 CCBCo
V-334 Surface Dingbat Black Sable #5498 CCBCo. WA Special color 
V-335 Surface Dingbat Yellow Skunk #5499 CCBCo. WA Special color
V-336 Baby Chubby Goldfish SD#42? **Shur-Strike. Likely a Small Dude
V-337 Baby Chubby Blue Back SD#41? **Shur-Strike. Likely a Small Dude
V-340 Jnt. Pikie Pikie #2600 CCBCo
V-343 Baby Dingbat Frog #5219 CCBCo
V-344 Baby Dingbat Pearl Chub #5295 CCBCo. WA special color
V-345 Baby Dingbat Sun Spot #5296 CCBCo. WA special color 
V-346 Baby Dingbat Ghost #5297 CCBCo. WA special color
V-347  Dingbat Frog #5119 CCBCo
V-348 Dingbat Silver Flash #5118 CCBCo
V-349 Dingbat Golden Shiner #5104 CCBCo
V-350 Dingbat  Pikie Scale #5100 CCBCo
V-353 Dinger  Pikie #5600 CCBCo
V-354 Dinger  Silver Flash  #5618 CCBCo
V-355 Midget Dinger B&W Skunk #6194 CCBCo. WA special color
V-355 Dinger B&W Skunk No #  Duplicate V-355 in WA ad
V-359 Darter Yellow Spotted #2014 CCBCo
V-360 Darter  Frog #2019 CCBCo. WA special color 
V-364  Crawdad Red Devil #363 CCBCo. WA special color
V-365 Crawdad Nat. Crawdad  #300 CCBCo 
V-366  Midget Beetle Nat. Crab #6057 *CCBCo special color
V-367  Midget Beetle Red Head Shiner #6058 *CCBCo. WA special color
V-379 Bass Oreno Goldfish BO#42 Shur-Strike
V-380 Bass Oreno Red/White  BO#2 Shur-Strike
V-381 Bass Oreno Pike Scale BO#0  Shur-Strike
V-382 Western Cast. Plug   NO #  White painted wood w/metal cap. 
V-385 River Master White Dace  RM#20 ** Shur-Strike River Runt. Likely White Scale.
V-386 Bass Oreno Green Scale BO#9 Shur-Strike
V-388 Mouse Pearl Gray PP#49 Shur-Strike. A Paw Paw clone
V-393 Plunker White Scale PL #20  Shur-Strike
V-394 River Master Spotted Pearl  RM #? Shur-Strike River Runt (not #43). WA special color
V-395 Plunker Perch Scale  PL1YP? **Shur-Strike. Likely a #1YP
V-396 Plunker Red/White  PL#2 Shur-Strike
V-401 River Master  Silver Flitter  RM#18  Shur-Strike River Runt 
V-416 Spinner Plug  Pike Scale GM#0  **Shur-Strike. Likely a Gar Minnow
V-417 Spinner Plug  Ghost GM?  Shur-Strike. Gar Minnow. WA special color
V-424 FR Bass Oreno Red/White TO#2? **Shur-Strike. Likely a TO Series
V-425 FR Bass Oreno Chain Perch  TO#14? **Shur-Strike. Likely a TO Series 
V-426 FR Bass Oreno Frog TO#19? **Shur-Strike. Likely a TO Series
V-851 Injured Minnow Perch Scale IM#1YP **Shur-Strike. Likely a 1YP color
V-852 Injured Minnow Silver Flitter IM#18  Shur-Strike