Identify CCBCo Lure Colors

Illustrations of some of the many colors used by Creek eChub
Lure Colors in Alphabetical Order
A listing of all catalog colors introduced 1916-1978 using the standardized 1925
"Classic Colors" system plus the "New Era" designs.
Creek Chub / Shur-Strike Rarities
Some miscellaneous rarities from these two lines of baits from CCBCo
QuickDate CCBCo Original Series & Color Register
All the catalog colors are listed for each of the Original Series and the years each color was cataloged for a particular series.
Original Series CCBCo
1961-1978....., The Late Years

Showing the dates of production of wood & plastic lures from the 1961-1978/9 "Tack Eye" era.
Catalog Colors & The Lures in Which They Were Made
An example: A color is listed, then followed by all the different Original Series that utilized this particular color.
Catalog Colors by Lure
Wooden baits using the numbering system beginning in 1925.
Those Pesky CCBCo Metal Bait Colors
Explaining the confusing differences between Yellow Scale & Green Scale in the metal baits.
Creek Chub's "Other" Lures
The Early METAL baits from CCBCo.
Update on Creek Chub Fly Rod Lures
A primer on the CCBCo Fly Rod lures FIRST offered before WWII
CCBCo "Specials" Images
Pictures of Specials from many of the CCBCo Series.
Grading Your
CCBCo Lures & Lure Boxes

An aid in grading your old lures & lure boxes.
Illustrations of the different grades of lures & cardboard lure boxes.
How To Start A Collection of Creek Chub Lures
and Avoid Costly Mistakes
History of Creek Chub Bait Co.
A quick study of the history of this old-time lure company.
Western Auto - CCBCo / Shur-Strike Lures & Color Codes
Box codes used in-house by
Western Auto Stores.
1932-1947 Shur-Strike Lures & Color
A numerical listing of all the catalog colors and the actual catalog colors for each of the Shur-Strike series.

1932-1947 Shur-Strike Cross Reference Color Chart
This study lists:
The Shur-Strike in-house catalog #, name of the lure color, the number shown in Dr. Smith's book on CCBCo, and the common collector name for each color.
Creek Chub Direction Cards
These cards were often inserted in CCBCo boxes with fishing directions and features of one or two different baits.
Creek Chub's Unlisted Series in Pocket Catalogs.......

and Why We Care

Replacement Series
Creek Chub Replacement Series & Colors