"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #9300 Spinning Pikie 

Years Produced: 1952 – 1963 ( in wood)

Length: Listed at 2 1/4”     Weight: Listed at 1/4 oz.

General Notes: Part of “The New Creek Chub Chubbies”, a group of spinning baits introduced by CCBCo in 1952. Many of these spinning lures were based on larger CCBCo bait designs. The Spinning Pikie had two trebles & painted eyes. Although not an expensive lure, they can be difficult to locate in new-in-the-box condition. Replaced by plastic Spinning Pikies in 1964. Also, made in an Ultra Light version in plastic.

Description of Pictured Lure:
#9333 in Black Scale. Usually, a tough color on most series. However, one of the easier colors in this series.