"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #6100 Midget Dinger 

Years Produced: 1939/1940 1949     Length: 2 1/8      Weight: .5 oz.

General Notes: Produced for only ten years so generally tougher than #5600 Dinger series. One belly hook instead of two on regular Dinger. Has model name on metal head plate, a steel leader. The catalog list the length at 3 1/2 which includes the horsehair tail. The wood body is 2 1/8". A 1939 catalog, evidently sent out late in the year, had an insert added which listed this bait as one of the new baits for 1940. Is it a 1939 offering or not available until 1940? Take your choice.

Description of Pictured Lure:
#6113 in Black. Marked lip, steel leader, plated head plate, glass eyes. The horsehair tail is color coordinated with the paint pattern.