"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #4900  Jointed Darter

Years Produced: 1938 – 1978      Length: 4 1/4”     Weight: .6 oz.

General Notes: A cousin to the #2000 series straight Darter. The #4900 series was not available from 1965-1969. The later post-1960 baits are often difficult to tell from the earlier examples. One clue is the foil label on the lure's back (which is often missing). Some early Darters are unmarked, followed by those with a stenciled name,then a gold imprint on it's back.  

Description of Pictured Lure:
#4931 in Rainbow Fire. This & the #32 Fire Plug are very delicate finishes. The paint often “ripples”, perhaps from too much heat. The surface should have a “peach fuzz” appearance. If it has a sheen it is usually polished. CCBCO DID make these colors after 1954 with a bright varnished finish in these hues.  A comparison of varnished & buffed baits will show the differences. Those with varnished #31 & #32 colors are much scarcer.  Often, the original #31 or #32 Gantron baits will have a small yellow paint tag on the hook. These baits glow under a UV black light.